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The ‘Not My Day’ Kinda Day

Have you ever woken up and immediately sensed that this is a ‘Not My Day’ kinda day? I am sure most of us have experienced this.. You can’t really pinpoint what is OFF but everything seems OFF. You are groggy, your mind is all over the place, and you barely have the energy to make yourself presentable!

You start to wonder, “Did anything major happen yesterday? Did I sleep in a bad mood? Did I wake up to some bad news? Maybe it is because I didn’t get the expected reply to that text I sent? Maybe it is because my mind is cluttered with to-do’s?” Your day suddenly starts to have a domino effect.. You drop coffee all over you (a trademark for clumsy me and yes, I am still trying to cut out my last dose of coffee), you accidentally burn the shirt you are changing into, your MAC suddenly decides to not switch on, and the list somehow spirals downwards.

Can you relate? Can you? I am sure all of us have had these ‘Not My Day’ kinda day and it is OK to have them. Below are 5 simple tips that can help reverse that downward domino effect. Control it before it controls U and your day  😀

1. Hydrate

Leave a tall glass of room temperature water by your bedside table. After a long nights’ sleep, your body is dehydrated so by simply rehydrating, you will immediately feel revived! If you would like to go a little fancy, squeeze some lemon or cut in some cucumber slices or add a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar!

2. Breath deeply

I never truly understood the magic of breathing, until I started connecting with it. Try it… You get stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or any of these not so great emotions. Simply close your eyes (you can put your hands over your heart or skip that step) and just take a few deep breaths. It will automatically calm you down. If you have 10 additional minutes, incorporate a morning meditation.

3. Simply smile  😆 

It sounds OFF, right? But the simple act of smiling, even if you don’t really mean it, will make you happy. Smile to yourself, smile to those around you, smile while brushing your teeth (if possible). It is free, contagious, fast and will lift up your spirits and everyone around you!

4. Stretch

A buildup of stress or anxiety can cause your muscles to contract and become tense. This tension can go on to have a negative impact on just about every part of your body. Spend just 10-15 minutes stretching each morning to help calm you mind, providing you with a mental break and giving your body a chance to recharge.

5. Write, write, write

All you need is a pen, notepad, a planner, or a computer, plus an open mind. Jot down your to-do’s, what you are presently feeling or how and why you feel that way. This will help release any of your bottled up emotions, make sense out of our everyday lives and it is almost guaranteed that you will feel a lot lighter.


Why don’t you start here by sharing your most recent ‘Not My Day’ kinda day 😀 

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