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4 Additional Tips to Follow when Faced with BIG Life Decisions

So here I am still outweighing my BIG life decision (I am Aquarian after all – not only known to be free-spirited but quite indecisive). As shared in my ‘Wrinkled Wisdom’ blog a few weeks ago, taking life-changing decisions are never easy and should never be taken lightly as the consequences are far greater than just an online picture that fails to get over a 100 likes (hoping that is a today relatable example).

One things for sure, we have all made our fair share of regrettable decisions. Making sound decisions, like any other skill set, needs to be developed through personal experiences, your current situation, and of course, thinking straight and clear. So, I have put together my top 4 tips that can hopefully help you when faced with BIG decisions 🙂

1) A Weighted Pros & Cons List

God only knows how many times I have sat down and wrote my pros and cons list the past 2 weeks. Taking the time to deeply reflect and ensure I wrote every factor, but what I came to realize is although one side far outweighed the other in number (for example 20 pros versus 5 cons), it did not outweigh it in terms of importance. So, what I do advice is after taking the time to write your list, rate each factor using a 1 to 10 scale where 10 would mean it is extremely important to you and 1 would be not especially important. This should give you an overall depiction on where to lean towards.

2) Listen to your Instincts

The older I get, the more I believe in intuitive instinct. Learn to dive deep into your natural emotions. Learn to hear what it is telling you. As Dedric Carroll says, “If it feels good, authentically good, then go for it. If it does not, use caution and back away.” This is an emotional filter that may not be backed by analytical factors but can sometimes be all a person has to go on when making a decision.

3) Fast Forward Method

I love this method and it was one I was never acquainted with. Simply, close your eyes and mentally fast forward 1 year into the future as a thought experiment. Where do you see yourself? How are you feeling? Is your future decision bringing you closer to where you want to be. In fact, the further I fast forwarded myself, the clearer my answer was. 3 years into the future? 5 years? 10 years? By adopting this method, it removed me from my present situation, which helped me to evaluate the decision more consciously.

What might have seemed crucial short term melted away when I looked at the situation from a 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-year perspective. It made me finally see the things that mattered versus the things that may have seemed important short term but were not key in the long run (yes, I think I am finally getting closer to taking that BIG decision).

4) Think of YOU

One of the key things I have always struggled with was putting me first. I have always cared more about how my decisions would affect everyone else around me rather than what was me. However, once I began to reach within and identify my true life purpose and personal values, it became essential for me to align my actions towards the direction that is right for me. In order to be able to do so, you have to start with defining yourself. Gain awareness. Be true to who you really are and follow the path of least resistance.

I hope the above tips were useful for the next time you are faced with BIG life decisions. Never regret anything because life is all about experiences. One closed door leads to another open door.

Share with me your stories and whether you have used any of the above mentioned methods.

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