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I recently jumped at an opportunity that appeared out of the blue. Within a day I booked a ticket and hopped on a plane to one of my favorite cities, Barcelona!

A part of me was apprehensive as I hadn’t even prepared for the meeting nor did I feel the desire to step out of my comfort zone (only because I feel I have been ‘stepping out’ WAY TOO much lately) nor did I feel the desire to travel alone (then again, thank God for phones right? Keeps us connected and all).

So, here I was, enroute to Barcelona via Istanbul and honestly… I was starting to get excited! That’s usually what happens when I don’t feel like doing something but I do it anyway- I’m sure a lot of you are nodding your heads at that one. Anyway, I was starting to get excited and then from one minute to the next I found myself completely DISCONNECTED. I remember having my phone (my whole life these days) at the gate. How did I get on the plane with no phone? I began to frantically look for it as I thought of the countless things I would lose – my hotel address, passwords (my mind doesn’t work too well with those), logged in personal accounts; from Facebook to emails to everything Umbrellawithdee related… PANIC MODE! Not to mention the pictures and memories and screenshots… Oh, make it stop!! I ran up to the flight attendants in hopes that they would let me back out to check the area I was sitting at on the gate. They wouldn’t budge. I then pleaded if they could call their colleagues that were by the gate or anyone else that could help. Again, they wouldn’t budge. I figured that would be a normal measure BUT the flight attendants were like robots. No help offered, no real sympathy, not even a ‘don’t worry’ from person to person.

Oh well… S*** happens! I sat down, took a few deep breaths and came up with an action plan (I even laughed at myself for laughing at myself earlier for thinking I was old school as I had printed out my flight details… Man, I wish I had printed EVERYTHING now!) Let’s see…

  1. Arrive to Barcelona – contact the Lost & Found Department
  2. Try to access my email to figure out my hotel address – either by finding one of those paying computer rooms or asking someone to use their phone (if they look friendly enough at two in the morning)
  3. Find a pay phone to tell my parents I arrived safely (mmmh, whose numbers do I have memorized? Remember the days when we used more brain cells and practically knew everyone’s number by heart? I miss them, I miss them a lot right now)

I started to go back (waaaay back) to recall how things used to be.

By the way, the old me would have shed a few tears by now – especially since this phone was a gift from someone very close to my heart, I am in a city all alone, with no way to be contacted, I was also hoping to compile some exciting content for you guys, I had researched data under notes for my business meeting, and the list can go on for a while…

New me, on the other hand, took a few deep breaths, reassured myself that things can always be worse- so count my blessings, planned my action plan and just smiled.

The moral of this story, which I believe turned out quite beautifully, is as advanced as technology goes, sometimes it is great to go back to basics. That is exactly what I had to do in the four days I spent in Barcelona. This break away from technology put things back into perspective. It showed me the importance of being with JUST ME again. I sat in restaurants alone, mindfully eating, mindfully thinking and feeling blessed to just be. It reminded me of when I was younger and I would entertain myself with painting or playing an instrument or reading or writing. It reminded me to slow down and not always be rushed; rushed to check emails, rushed to reply to pending emails, comments, messages, rushed to see what’s happening everywhere. It reminded me to breathe.. To be kind to others around (especially if in need of a helping hand – I hope to share this story next), and continue to live MINDFULLY, DISCONNECT, and be with JUST ME sometimes.
Although circumstances put me in a position where I HAD to do this, I hope some of you try it by choice and explore where being with JUST YOU takes you!

So when was the last time U disconnected?

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