Faith in Humanity

A few months back, my baby sister had written about faith in humanity due to a touching experience that had happened to our brother. I got reminded of this story recently when something very similar occurred at first hand and I felt it was essential to share it with all of you so we don’t keep losing hope in humanity. 

In today’s world, faith in humanity seems very hard to come by.. Lately the world just feels like pure chaos. Every other morning you hear about shootings, killings, rape, illnesses, disease and wars against ‘terror.’ It is funny we have become so accustomed to the word terrorism that nowhere seems safe (except maybe Antarctica). The whole earth feels like it is hurting, even nature itself seems sad. We walk around conscious of who we are, who we will be identified as – Whether it is based on skin color, a religious symbol or just a name that can give away a little too much.. But amongst all, this someone found a wallet and inside that wallet a picture of an Arab man with the name ‘Ahmad’ (that Arab man being my brother) and an address. This someone didn’t owe it to Ahmad to return his wallet, this someone could have just left it or even stolen it, but most of all, this someone could have at least identified themselves to get a pat on the back, some gratitude, some attention. But this someone didn’t care for all that nonsense. There was one intention this amazing individual was focused on and that was to do the right thing.

This individual seems to be so at peace with him/herself that he/she doesn’t need validation from anyone. Mind you, this occurred in a city that has been overtaken by army soldiers carrying guns due to NISIS. Something too rare to come by for those living here and yes, something that indeed impacts the entire population on a psychological level. The envelope read (pictured above in Dutch): I found this wallet at the parking in the city. Hopefully it will reach the owner. Pay it forward.

A few weeks ago, whilst roaming the streets of Spain and snapping pictures left, right and center of everything pretty in sight, a friend and I misplaced our one purse (yes, we decided to explore with one purse so we travel ‘light’). Let me just say, it had a lot of valuables; from our money, to visa cards, to ID, to room key, hotel address and all the extras us women love to carry. Only after climbing many flights of stairs to reach the top of where all the restaurants are located, we frantically realized that we had no purse! Running back down, we kept asking people if they had seen a purse, describing the color and location of where we could have left it. The answer we got was always, ‘No.’ Finally, a group of friendly Spaniards recommended we go to the Guardia Civil and gave us directions on how to get there.

Getting lost and feeling nervous, we made our way to the police station. Upon entry, we immediately got a glimpse of the purse. A sweet German couple had found it and took the initiative to call the hotel we were staying in to let them know that they will be dropping it to the police station and actually walked twenty minutes to ensure it was safe and sound for us. To say the least, we hugged them forever, took pictures with them, and sent them thank you gifts!

I can’t begin to describe the joy that these two experiences made me feel. I can’t even describe how moved I felt. I could only tell you that I felt a deep urge to thank God for letting these kinds of people pass by casually through our lives as they will never be forgotten for their goodness. An eternal unpaid debt, that I only feel can be returned with our own humane actions. I pray for the world to remember people like this every single day. The good that still exists and still emulates how we define humanity. I pray that every good deed doesn’t go unnoticed so the world can be filled with love and faith again. At times like these, I pray that we seek beauty in the littlest of things to keep a flame of hope alive for the better world we dream of Balloon

We have infinite reasons to say hamdellah every single day, we just need to want to see them. 

This blog was co-written with my sister, Zainab (aka Zee). We hope you enjoyed it and we would love to hear all about your experiences with ‘Paying It Forward.’ Please share below so we spread love!


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