An Open World Begins With An Open Mind

We are all inherently connected in this world, whether it is from our individual make up or simply being creations who share the same infinite space and resources to survive. Yesterday, I came across a video that truly touched my heart (yep, I cried! Not surprising as Disney cartoons still get me to this day).

To get back to the video.. A random group of people were asked to name countries or nationalities that they don’t particularly get along with or like. Everyone spoke up freely and many had strong point of views. They were then asked to spit into a test tube for their composition to be analyzed via DNA testing. The results were phenomenal. It showed that most of our genetic make up originates from a melting pot of different areas and continents. For some, it was even the races they truly disliked (I am not going to use hate as it is too strong an emotion). Ironically, two of the individuals in the group even turned out to be related!

The message, in short was that we are all ONE; be kind, be open, be accepting! Don’t let a negative experience get to you or influence your opinion. Don’t let today’s media divide humanity and make us different. Don’t allow judgement or stereotypes to exist in your dictionary. Let us focus on what keeps us all the same, what makes us all ONE.
Bringing me to a recent experience.. As many of us impatiently waited at the gate to board our delayed flight, a struggling, old lady sat in front of me. I noticed she kept touching her tummy like she was in pain and she couldn’t see very well. She was wearing very thick glasses that had a special internal lens, her eyes were cross eyed and she looked very uncomfortable. I kept trying to observe whether the gentleman near her was actually a family member. Throughout people were, of course, complaining about the delay, angry that a Beirut flight had to be all the way on the other side of the airport, busy online checking the latest newsfeed, or posting a selfie (en route to Beirut.. Hashtag). The ‘today’ lifestyle trends that discerns us from taking the time to actually absorb and enjoy the moment.

I was still stalking the old lady (at least I looked like one) then when she attempted to try to stand up, I realized she had been dumped at the gate although she needed to be aided. I immediately stood up and asked her what she needed. She wanted water to take some medicine and to use the bathroom. For the first time ever, I was carrying a few heavy bags (although usually I am a very light traveler) and she had quite a big handbag. I carried all our stuff and walked her to the other end of the airport (yep, the toilet had to be on the other side). We made it slowly but surely.

As we approached the gate again, I was thankful that boarding had just started. Struggling to hold her up, the same crowd of people saw us. The gentleman that was near her ran up to me and held her bag. The group of girls next to us immediately let us cut through to the front and patted my back like I had saved a life! Suddenly, I felt everyone’s impatience, anger and rush had subsided. Maybe it was the old woman, the small act of kindness, feeling bad that they hadn’t noticed or, as in my case, relating her to my late grandmother whom I hoped always received help when needed.

To cut the story short, a small act of kindness can go a long way and have a domino effect. Let us all practice kindness, help one another and let go of any negative stereotypes we have experienced. As the video illustrated, we truly are ONE! One of the participants perfectly stated, “Who would be stupid enough to think of such a thing as a pure race?”

Anyone here my cousin? Just kidding ? Wishing you all a great day and if you haven’t seen the video, youtube ‘The DNA Journey.’


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