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Is Routine Necessarily A Bad Thing?

Routine… What a dreaded term for most of us?! But then again I have to ask, “is it really all that bad?”
The other day, I went out for my weekly dinner meal with someone I consider a friend, sister, mentor and soulie (yep, we have called each other that since the start of our friendship which was in diapers). Smiling face with smiling eyes Anyways, during this dinner we always touch upon some deep, intellectual topic (at times, I so wish that I wasn’t an over thinker! Naive would have been great… Just go with the flow).

Anyways, moving from one topic to the next.. We started sharing unfortunate and unexpected incidences that are happening to many around us. Whether it’s stories about losing loved ones, or battling cancer, or parents aging, or divorces, or terrible break ups. Life always has some sort of unpleasant surprise that removes you completely out of your routine and drops you amidst a whirlwind of chaos.
I can surely relate to this. When my brother passed away, I had no idea where or how the days went by. My London days were over unexpectedly, my dream of becoming a Doctor flew out the window.. I closed my eyes, then opened them to find myself in a new country for a ‘fresh’ start with no plan, no routine, no friends, no job, and no idea how the course of my life changed so rapidly. Yes, I was way out of my comfort, my routine was gone and I bid goodbye to my ‘plans’ or should I say what I was trying to ‘control.’
To get back to our conversation, we both came to a realization that routine may not be that bad after all. I’m not sure if it’s age, or experience, or our individual walks of life that preps us into realizing that the unexpected turmoils of life can really fling you out of sync. To the point where you are in fight mode 25/7 (yeeeep I meant to say 25). 😳 Its that time of your life where you are running on extra batteries and although you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, you have to keep going. Therefore, maaaybe just maybe we should start counting our blessings for the time when we are in routine. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t step out of your comfort zone but my message today is to appreciate and trust your life. Each and every moment is there for a reason… The routines, the unexpected turmoils, the boredom, the highs, the lows. Just be present in them. Be content. Practice gratitude and in the end, life will take you to places you have never been. 
Today, I am going through my daily routine and thanking God for a little time of status quo. It is a breather and I am starting to believe it is the time that we all need. 

‘Trade your expectations to appreciation and the world changes instantly.’   ~Tony Robbins

How do you feel about your daily routine? Are you content? Do you want more? Please share with me below.

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