Wrinkled Wisdom

Lately, I have found myself at crossroads with too many BIG decisions weighing me down. I am not referring to our daily no-brainer decisions, such as, what to wear or what to eat or how to spend our week-end (or nowadays what filter to use on social media).

What I am talking about are the BIG decisions that no one ever truly prepares us for in life. I mean I loved studying biology and mathematics at school (a nerd at heart) but don’t you think we should start prepping kids today on proper life skills? Tools to assess what type of career best suits them, how what they choose to study at university can truly influence 50 plus years of their life, how to maintain and keep good relationships, how to deal with loss and change, how to live well, take care of their health by cooking more, moving, finding what makes them happy, meditating, and the list goes on and on.

Being an over-thinker and a compulsive analyzer (runs in the family, woohoo for us) I found myself muddled, confused, and indecisive. Don’t you sometimes wish the BIG man can just shout down to us what to do! “Hey dee, change jobs or yalla move countries! You will be much happier!” Finding myself running in circles I decided to call my uncle for a chat. He suggested we talk over a walk at sunset. I, of course, jumped at the idea as it reminded me of a dear friend that always highlighted that psychologically a walk represents us moving forward in life.

As we walked and talked, I found myself lighter. Suddenly, all the million and one thoughts in my head were laid down to 3 opportunities each with their set of pros and cons. It is funny how talking out loud can put things into perspective, especially to the wiser older nests of love we are blessed with.

Simply stated, with time we accumulate knowledge, hence the older you are the more, you know… It is as simple as A B C but we often seem to forget this. Having the opportunity to be in the presence of an elder, reminds us of the knowledge they have acquired. I am amazed, absolutely in awe, of those whom I seek answers from. Of course many in your family or social circle may represent this same bond.. An aunt, a parent, an older sibling or friend.

This walk was a little reminder (for the 814,027th time) that life has already dealt me knowledge in forms other than Google. A reminder of the precious bonds life has gifted us. Their wrinkles tell many stories, their grumpiness is cute, they are frail yet can carry hearts of steel, their experiences are astounding, and when they hug you or kiss you… You are reminded that everything will be okay. The power of the elderly’s love and support… Oh, the magic it can do for the soul!

Stay tuned next week for ‘4 Additional Tips to Follow when Faced with BIG Life Decisions.’


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